Hello, I’m Olivier,
full-stack humanist.

My work lies at the intersection of social impact and technology.

I’m currently serving  as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, after founding a startup, practicing law, and ghostwriting.

If there is a narrative thread that runs through my work, it is understanding the role that information plays in helping us make decisions. Check out some of my projects below:

[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”basic_elaboration_folder_pencil.svg” heading=”Writing” description=”Various articles, speeches, and papers.”]
[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”software_character.svg” heading=”Coding” description=”lines of code fueled by Soylent + dark coffee”]
[thb_iconbox type=”left type1″ icon=”basic_heart.svg” heading=”Making” description=”music+craft”]
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You can find me on , Medium, GitHubLinkedIn,  Huffington Post, and Instagram